The continued battle against climate change remains a challenge for organisations across the globe. In the UK, the green agenda has seen growth in both awareness and importance over the last decade, although the recent pandemic has challenged this focus. Our goal at CMF Capital is to Help UK Businesses Profit From Green Initiatives

One vital element that hasn’t suffered over the last 12 months has been the increasing prevalence of the types of green initiatives and options available for sustainable finance

While ‘Green Finance’ is a term bounded about the industry, organisations are now starting to see the financial benefits and the value it adds to brand perception.

“Being seen to be green is more than just a tagline”, comments Ian Hamilton, sustainability specialist at CMF Capital. “It’s a company ethos for many businesses, a goal to aspire to for innovative start-ups, and a sound investment for many forward-thinking companies who are savvy to the profits and savings found with the Green initiatives available.”

Hamilton further comments, “many businesses aren’t fully aware of the green initiatives available to them.” Priorities have shifted over the last 12 months, and understandably so. Whilst the pursuit of building a more sustainable business might have fallen down the list of priorities for companies having to readjust to a new way of operating, the team at CMF Capital are on hand to ensure all available initiatives are explored and presented to clients.

Green finance initiatives have many advantages: it promotes the green agenda, rewards those who can prove their green credentials and is also a socially responsible thing to do; not to mention, the savings that can be made with grants and government funding. 

With the increase in borrowers/issuers considering the environmental, social or governance (ESG) impact of their actions, the ‘green finance revolution’ looks to be gaining traction and is here to stay.

The keys areas organisations are exploring for ‘carbon zero’ and other sustainability opportunities, include:

  • Clean transportation
  • Eco-efficient products
  • Green buildings
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pollution prevention and control
  • Sustainable water and wastewater management

At CMF Capital, we have a highly experienced team of advisors helping UK businesses explore the Green finance opportunities available to them.