The UK is leading the world in reducing carbon emissions and investing in clean and renewable energy solutions. Significant annual growth continues as businesses invest in a range of green technologies. Q3 2019 saw for the first time, more electricity delivered from renewables than fossil fuels.

Whether it is technologies that reduce energy costs or investing in processes that enable your business to deliver power back to the grid, CMF Capital has the capabilities to provide renewable finance solutions for these projects.

From geothermal heat pumps to biomass plants, LED lighting systems to waste to energy, our team has both the experience and expertise to partner with, and deliver for your business. Investing in clean energy can enable you to work towards energy self-reliance, cut carbon emissions and create new revenue streams.

Investing in green energy won’t just save you money, it will:

Future-Proof Your Business

Since April 2018, all leased buildings in England and Wales that require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) If you’re a commercial landlord, you can’t let premises with an EPC lower than ‘E’. Investing in energy efficient measures could well prove to be a smart decision.

Become Self-Reliant

Energy is business critical. A break in supply can do untold damage and have long term consequences. Generating your own supply reduces the risk of downtime and can help alleviate the impact of energy price fluctuations.

Cut Carbon Emissions

Every business and individual have a responsibility to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Investing in green energy will enhance your organisation’s environmental credentials and help meet Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Creating New Revenue Streams

The total of all renewable electricity sources provided for 14.9% of the electricity generated in the United Kingdom in 2013, reaching 53.7 TWh of electricity generated. In the second quarter of 2015, renewable electricity generation exceeded 25% and coal generation for the first time.

“Investing in energy innovations, we can build on the progress we’ve made deploying current technology like renewables, which will help accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a future of reliable and affordable carbon-free electricity.”

Renewable Finance: Assets we finance include:

  • Anaerobic Digestion Plants
  • On-shore Wind Turbines
  • Solar – Industrial & Commercial
  • Waste to Energy
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • LED Lighting – Industrial & Commercial
  • Combined Heat & Power Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power Plants
  • Biomass

Individual Deals
£50k to £10m

Credit Lines
£1m to £30m

Commercial Loans
Up to £30m

Invoice Financing


Process & Opportunity

Financing solutions for renewable energy.
Financing solutions for renewable energy.

Combined Heat & Power Systems

On-shore Wind Turbines

Solar – Industrial & Commercial

LED Lighting – Industrial & Commercial

Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Air Source Heat Pumps

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