Due to changing public opinion and changes in government legislation, sustainably scaling your business is no longer a matter of preference but a necessity. Nowadays, your approach to becoming more eco-friendly forms an essential part of your company’s identity and brand ethos. Potential investors are scrutinising early-stage startups for how sustainable their business models are, as it now plays a critical part in a company’s commercial viability. 

Sustainably scaling your business is now a necessity

Companies working towards aligning themselves with the government’s pledge to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to be net-zero by 2050 realise it’s essential to be aware of the impact on their business at every stage of the supply chain.

It’s reported almost half of UK companies are planning to increase their environmental-related spending between now and 2022.

Two-thirds of organisations are looking to make manufacturing more sustainable, followed by improving internal practices, and updating buildings and equipment. 

In a recent HSBC survey of 2,500 organisations, 69% intend to focus their budgets on making manufacturing more sustainable, 66% will be improving internal practices, and 63% will be updating buildings and equipment.

A company quick to realise that green initiatives can form part of the company’s brand identity is Brewdog. They have become the first brewery in the world to become carbon negative. Not just a massive win for the planet, but also from a PR and brand perspective

“Let’s ensure we have a planet to brew beer on” was a huge PR success back in 2020. However, Brewdog goes beyond just creative headlines by backing it up with some impressive initiatives

The future is bright; the future is Green

Many UK businesses are benefiting commercially after going green in a much shorter period than initially expected. It’s becoming evident that investing in green sustainable measures is not just a good ethical decision; it’s also proving to be a profitable one as well. 

At CMF Capital, we realise that implementing a more sustainable infrastructure can be costly, which is why we explore all available government initiatives and utilise the new super deductions available to businesses. Many of our clients are finding the costs can be more than offset by the economic benefits.

Investing in green initiatives and building a more sustainable business creates a positive brand image and increases your competitive advantage.

CMF Capital are experts at helping businesses work towards a more sustainable future and have a specialist department committed to helping our clients invest and scale.