Embracing green initiatives isn’t only better for the environment; it’s also beneficial for your bottom line. Shifting towards more eco-friendly processes can save your business money whilst setting you apart from your competition and positioning you as an industry leader, which is becoming an extremely effective marketing tool for your company’s brand awareness. 

Getting started

Ian Hamilton, CMF Capital’s renewable finance specialist; advises the first step clients should take is to calculate their current energy usage,” knowing where your business is using significant energy, as well as where you are wasting energy, ensures you are focused on the most efficient Green energy initiatives.”

“Knowing where you can make a difference is imperative to a company’s bottom line” – CMF Capital. 

Here are Ian’s top 3 tips to making your business more eco-friendly:

1 – Alternative energy sources

The most cost-effective way of saving money for the majority of UK businesses is to consider exploring alternative energy sources, such as heat pumps & CHP engines. Implementing this type of change is becoming extremely popular because it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, particularly when you can make use of grants and funding options that can make it cost-neutral.

2 – Electric vehicles

It’s a no brainer if your business relies on motor vehicles in some shape or form to consider switching to electric vehicles. Of course, there is an initial investment upfront, but with tax initiatives for electric company cars, you may find it cost-effective in the long run. And, with additional running costs being applied to diesel vehicles, such as Ultra Low Emissions Zones charges, you could well make significant savings in the long run whilst lowering your carbon footprint in the process.

And, if you’re switching to eclectic vehicles you’ll need to be charging them. We have access to specific finance schemes that are designed to assist with the installation of eclectic vehicle charging points and overall purchase price. Switching to electric vehicles doesn’t need to be a strain on your balance sheet. 

3 – New Suppliers

We have seen businesses struggle to meet their sustainability objectives simply because of the financing element. Historically, traditional lenders were averse to providing finance because of the risks associated with adopting new technology.  However, new lenders are dominating the green sector, focusing on being specialists in their field. The knock-on effect means that they understand the inherent risks and the technology that is being invested in. The result, finance solutions that are designed specifically for the sustainability market. These finance solutions also take into account grants or government support for the early adoption of these technologies, so clients get the best of both worlds.

So maybe it’s time to look at new suppliers, new finance companies and new technologies to help take your business forward.

Looking to the future and beyond – 2022

Forward-thinking business and sustainability should go hand in hand. Being seen to be Green is fast becoming standard practice for many companies. Sustainable businesses have the potential to save money and increase profit. And, let’s not forget it can do wonders for your brand positioning to attract new eco-conscious customers and investors. 

We’re able to advise you on cost-effective funding for Green initiatives, some that can be offset with the savings you make, to ensure your business can become more sustainable and demonstrate your commitment to a better future.

If you have any questions regarding Green finance and the funding options available – you can contact Ian Hamilton on 01252 – 302183

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