CMF Capital has a long history of working with clients of all sizes in the TV, film, broadcast and production industries. We offer a specialised service to all our clients and understand the importance of keeping up to date assets and equipment in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry. 

Lights, Camera, Cash Flow

As with many technology lead businesses, it’s imperative TV & Film companies stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and equipment to stay competitive in order to win new business. 

Broadcast and production equipment can be extremely costly: purchasing equipment outright is not only a considerable investment but can also impact your working capital and cash flow. So it often makes sense to consider asset finance in order to spread the costs over a set period of time to manage production budgets and cash flow effectively. 

We typically arrange finance for the following:

  • Camera tracking vehicles
  • Editing equipment 
  • JIB equipment
  • Location services 
  • Broadcast camera & lenses
  • Audio & Visual equipment 
  • Lighting rigs
  • Post-production equipment
  • Sound stage equipment
  • Rigging & scaffolding
  • Editing suites
  • Projectors
  • Drones

At CMF Capital, our primary aim is to help our clients maximise the potential to keep cash in the bank and remain agile in the event of a delay or production overrun, which is commonplace within the media and broadcast industry. 

How can asset finance benefit your TV & Film company when leasing equipment?

Leasing is one of the most popular forms of finance for equipment, especially in an ever changing industry where equipment is upgraded regularly. Leasing allows you to spread the cost of assets over a period of time, typically 1-7 years, but we can explore extended options depending on the client’s circumstances. 

Immediate access to equipment

By leasing equipment, you’ll be able to obtain the necessary equipment sooner rather than later. There’s no waiting around until the funds are available and many of our lenders offer 100% financing. Therefore, you’re able to put it to work immediately, ensuring you’re maximising profit from the get-go.

Tailored Payments

Rental agreements can be tailored to meet a client’s budgetary requirements, with payments being spread over an extended period of time if required.

Easier Budgeting

If you secure a fixed rental agreement, you will have the peace of mind of guaranteed monthly payments, allowing you to effectively budget and plan for your production costs.

Working Capital

Make use of working capital and use it to reinvest into scaling your business rather than having it tied up in depreciating assets.

Equipment upgrades

Leasing allows you to stay abreast with changes in technology and product upgrades. Some agreements (STC) allow for upgrades during the existing lease without increasing rental payments.

Tax Efficient

Payments are fully allowable against profits to increase tax efficiency and reduce the net cost of renting the equipment. 

Working closely with our clients, from global production houses that spend millions of pounds on large-scale operations to smaller boutique broadcast and media houses, who have to be more budget conscious with their expenditure, CMF Capital assists in helping them get more for their money.

We are able to arrange several alternative bespoke solutions that include hire purchase and commercial business loans at excellent rates. 

Interested in finding out how asset finance can work for your business? We have specialist advisors on hand to answer any questions you have.  

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