The clarity and vision our clients have displayed this year is beyond remarkable. As businesses worldwide have struggled to make any significant headway, many of our UK clients have used the economic uncertainty to invest and build for a more sustainable future, in more ways than one. 

We have helped clients use 2021 to solidify their standing as either rapidly expanding start-ups or established market leaders looking to scale and grow their businesses for the long term. 

Sustainability finance expert, Ian Hamilton, states “my clients have used the changing landscape over the last two years as an opportunity to invest into becoming more sustainable. They are witnessing just how cost-effective it can be, and the value it adds to the company’s brand and image.”

“2021 has been the year of conscious business growth for my clients. With government initiatives and tax benefits of becoming a more sustainable business, coupled with the positive PR they are adding value to their brand. 2022 is already set to become the year that even more UK businesses invest into sustainable business practices.” – Ian Hamilton.

“Whilst Green investment has been possible for some industries, for others, particularly in the broadcast and media industry, simply surviving the knock-on effects of the last 18 months has been the priority,” comments Colin Hayter.

“My clients’ primary objective in 2021 has been freeing up working capital and building positive cash flow.” The industry has been hit hard, with many companies having to down tools completely for prolonged periods of time throughout the pandemic. For CMF it’s been about providing the right support and sourcing the appropriate finance solutions.

That said, it has been business as usual for the last quarter of 2021, and we are optimistic for 2022. “There’s a real bias towards leasing equipment instead of buying outright, which was historically the preferred option. We’ve been offering solutions to provide clients with the peace of mind that if the industry is hit again with unforeseen circumstances, they have their finances in place and are able to weather the storm” Colin concludes.

If you are a UK business and would like to discuss finance for your business plans in 2022, from freeing up working capital to scale your business or accessing finance to make your green initiative a reality, we are ready to assist.

Contact the team to discuss how we can help fund your business growth in 2022 – 01252 302183 –


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