1 – Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow

Clearly, the most significant advantage and the most attractive proposition for businesses looking to free up working capital. Leasing equipment means you get to keep your money in the bank, earning interest or being put to use in other areas of your business.

2 – Flexibility when the lease comes to an end

Depending on the type of lease you choose, various arrangements can be made. The two most
popular are:

● Arrange to continue the lease through a revised secondary term and keep using the
● Hand the equipment back and look for new equipment

For both of these options, you can talk to our experts to find the most appropriate lease-funding
solution for you, as terms, can be renegotiated and new deals sourced.

3 – Peace of mind that CMF Capital will find you the best deal

We have been in Asset Finance for over 20 years, our vast experience ensures clients have
peace of mind that they are getting the most competitive deals on the market, and the one that
suits their particular circumstances.

At CMF Capital, we take the guesswork out of leasing. We understand leasing can be a
considerable commitment, and with all the paperwork, small print, clauses and terms and
conditions, it can be an additional stress to your day job. Working with a specialist finance broker
like CMF Capital, can be extremely valuable as we know the industry inside out and will do all of the
legwork for you.

If you are a UK business and considering leasing, call us on 01252 302183 or email info@cmfcapital.co.uk, to discuss your requirements.

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